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RichViewActions for Delphi, C++Builder, and Lazarus


Frameworks: VCL, LCL (Windows)

License: Free addon for TRichView v20.4+ (license agreement).

Required compiler versions: Delphi 5 or newer, C++Builder 6 or newer; or Lazarus

Source code and demo: included in the installation of TRichView and ScaleRichView

Compiled demo projects (using TRichView editor, using ScaleRichView editor, using TRichView editor and Addict4 spell checker): included in TRichView demo projects.

Online manual

Main window of the ActionTest demo

ActionTest Demo with ScaleRichView, TRibbon, tabbed MDI


RichViewActions is a set of actions for Delphi, C++Builder and Lazarus allowing you to create a user interface for a TRichView/ScaleRichView editor. Actions can be assigned to buttons, menu items, toolbars (you can use standard VCL/LCL classes or your favorite third-party components if they support actions).

Actions require no programming – just add a new action in the action manager, assign it to a component, and it will do all the work automatically.

RichViewActions support Windows themes and Delphi XE2+ visual styles, including dark themes and styles.

Dialog windows in RichViewActions support high DPI screen modes.

Font dialog
Font dialog

RichViewActions Overview

RichViewActions provide commands for the following operations:

  • saving, loading, exporting and inserting files
  • printing with preview and page setup
  • standard editing operations (Clipboard, find and replace, etc.)
  • font attributes (standard and advanced font dialogs)
  • paragraph attributes (including background and borders)
  • management of text and paragraph styles
  • bullets and numbering (including a gallery of predefined list styles)
  • operations on tables: inserting, properties, cell merging, sorting, and so on
  • inserting pictures, hyperlinks, special symbols, equations, numbers, footnotes, endnotes, sidenotes, text boxes, and so on
  • editing properties for pictures, tables and other objects
  • managing bookmarks
  • changing colors and background image
  • live spelling with third-party spellcheckers

Spell checking
Spelling check

RichViewActions include the following predefined dialogs:

  • print preview
  • page setup
  • font attributes
  • main paragraph attributes
  • borders and background of paragraphs
  • style management
  • bullets and numbering (dialogs for choosing predefined and recently used lists, dialog for list customization)
  • inserting or editing a hyperlink
  • inserting special characters (supports all Unicode UTF-32 characters)
  • inserting a table
  • splitting table cells
  • table sorting
  • inserting or editing an equation (using Adit Math Engine)
  • properties for images, horizontal lines, tables, numbers, text boxes, and other objects
  • bookmark management
  • inserting a numbered sequence
  • inserting a caption for a table or an image
  • background color and image, and more...

Paragraph dialog
Paragraph dialog

RichViewActions include components:

  • TRVAControlPanel - component that customizes actions
  • TRVAPopupMenu - popup menu that automatically builds itself basing on RichViewActions from the linked TActionManager (standard, Toolbar 2000 and TBX versions); it supports spelling checking
  • set of visual components used in predefined dialogs:
    • radio buttons in Microsoft Office style
    • color pickers
    • combo boxes for choosing font names, sizes and character sets
    • combo box and list box for choosing styles
    • spin editor (supporting Windows themes, unlike the standard Delphi spin editor)
    • lightweight grid (thanks to Dmitry Bobrik, BCSoft)
    • horizontal ruler (thanks to Pieter Zijlstra)

Paragraph border and background dialog
Paragraph border and background dialog

RichViewActions support the following third-party components:

Registered TRichView users can register Addict Professional + PlusPack and GlyFX images with discounts.

Toolbar Images

RichViewActions include an exclusive set of the high quality toolbar icons.

TRichView toolbar images: set 1
TRichView toolbar images: set 1
TRichView toolbar images: set 2
TRichView toolbar images: set 2


Supported languages:

  1. Armenian
  2. Byelorussian
  3. Bulgarian
  4. Catalan
  5. Chinese (Simplified and Big5)
  6. Czech
  7. Danish
  8. Dutch
  9. English (US)
  10. Farsi
  11. Finnish
  12. French
  13. German
  14. Hindi
  15. Hungarian
  16. Italian
  17. Japanese
  18. Korean
  19. Lithuanian
  20. Malay
  21. Norwegian
  22. Polish
  23. Portuguese (Brazilian and European)
  24. Romanian
  25. Russian
  26. Slovak
  27. Slovenian
  28. Spanish
  29. Swedish
  30. Thai
  31. Turkish
  32. Ukrainian

Bullets and numbering dialog
Bullets and numbering dialog

In the ActionTest demo, you can change the language by clicking Language button at the bottom right corner of the main window.
(this demo is completely localizable except for several submenus not related to RichViewActions directly)

See RVALocalize.pas for instructions on adding new translations.
If you want to share your translation with other users, send it to us. If you find a problem with an existing translation, contact the translator first (e-mails of translators are in the corresponding files RVAL_*.pas)

Insert-character dialog
Insert-symbol dialog supports insertion of Unicode (UTF-32) characters

Equation editing dialog
Equation editing dialog (using Adit Math Engine)


  • Special thanks to Michael Beck and Matt Harward who created a base for this project.
  • Starting from version 1.29, RichViewActions use TRVGrid and TRVColorGrid implemented by Dmitry Bobrik, BCSoft.
  • Starting from version 1.31, RichViewActions use TRuler implemented by Pieter Zijlstra